'We Have Met Before' Exhibition Text, National Gallery of Jamaica



Margaret Tait, Calypso, 1955

In 2017, Mother Tongue were commissioned by the British Council Scotland and British Council Caribbean to contribute towards the e-publication for the exhibition 'We Have Met Before,' held at the National Gallery of Jamaica 22nd September - 4th November 2017. Our essay 'Sister Sciences' is available to view below, pages 12-15, alongside contributions from Veerle Poupeye, O'Neil Lawrence, Shani Roper, Annalee Davis and Juliet Dean.

Staged in partnership with the British Council, the exhibition featured Graham Fagen (Scotland), Joscelyn Gardner (Barbados/Canada), Ingrid Pollard (Guyana/UK), and Leasho Johnson (Jamaica) and revisits the challenging but important subject of trans-Atlantic slavery and its afterlives in the contemporary world, interpreted by four artists with distinctive perspectives.  The exhibition was also accompanied by discursive events throughout its run.