Double Distance


Double Distance - Screening Programme of Artist Film & Video                                                               12th August, 2011, The Old Hairdresser's, Glasgow


Mathieu Abonnenc | Graham Fagen | Helene Sommer | Philip Mallory Jones | Penny Siopis

Examining both historical and contemporary instances of migration, exile and diaspora, the programme focused on the correlation between migratory culture and artist' use of film and video. In a transnational world - where man-made borders are simultaneously porous and impenetrable, granting freedom or imposing confinement - our constant mobility requires us to make tangible the close ties severed by monumental distances. Taking Paul Gilroy's writings on 'The Black Atlantic' as an initial point of reference, the programme sequentially charted a navigational route across vast seas and oceans, contemplating their role in cross-cultural exchange and renewal.