Curators in Conversation #5  #6


Curators in Conversation #5  #6                                                                                                   January & April 2012, Konsthall C, Stockholm


Curators in Conversation is a collaboration between Konsthall C and curator Johan Lundh. Curators, artists and others involved in curatorial practice are invited to participate. The central idea is that public conversations with many different practitioners can lead to different perspectives on curating. In 2012 and in collaboration with the 'Curators in Conversation' series, Mother Tongue curated two discursive events, #5 and #6 in the ongoing programme.

The first of these, #5 - Exhibiting Ethnicities, took place of the 21st January 2012, with Erika Dayla Massaquoi and Erik Gant. Erika presented on 'Electroculture: Vanguard Documentary, Cut-and-Mix, and Futurist Diasporic Media,' referencing her curatorial project 'Race in Digital Space.' Erik Gant discussed his writings, 'Arctic Diagnoses' and 'Good and Bad Eskimos,' in relation his role as the co-founder of The Society for Bad Ethnographic Film. The presentations were followed by a discussion.

Secondly, #6 - Investigating a Curatorial Position within the Paradoxes of Multiculturalism, took place on the 25th April 2012, with Carol Tulloch, Sezgin Boynik, and was moderated by Jeuno J.E. Kim. 

Carol Tulloch discuused her essay 'Picture This: The Black Curator,' referencing her role as curator of the Archives and Museum of Black Heritage project in the early 2000’s. Sezgin Boynik presented a re-reading of Homi Bhabha's text on the Black Audio Film Collective's 1986 debut 'Handsworth Songs,' which focused on the race riots in the early 80s in the UK. The presentations was followed by an open discussion, moderated by the artist Jeuno JE Kim who contextualised the discussion to its Swedish location.